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Aplocheilus (McClelland 1839)

Indian Cyprinidae.  Asiatic Researches, 19 (2): 217-471.

Type-species: by subsequent designation (Bleeker, 1864) as Aplocheilus chrysostigmus McClelland, 1839.

Type locality: Calcutta surroundings, (northeastern) India.


Aplocheilus chrysostigmus syn. panchax panchax

Aplocheilus panchax panchax (Hamilton 1822)

An Account of the Fishes found in the River Ganges and its Branches.

A. Constable & Co., Edinburgh, Hurst: 211, 380, pl. 3.

Type locality: Bengal (without details).

Aplocheilus affinis (Jerdon, 1849)                                      Synonym of Aplocheilus lineatus

Aplocheilus andamanicus (Köhler, 1906)

Aplocheilus armatus (Hasselt, 1823)

Aplocheilus blockii  (Arnold, 1911)

Aplocheilus buchanani (Cuvier & Valenciennes, 1846)       Synonym of Aplocheilus panchax

Aplocheilus chrysostigmus (McClelland, 1839)                    Synonym of Aplocheilus panchax

Aplocheilus dayi (Steindachner, 1892)

Aplocheilus dorsomarginatus (Klausewitz, 1957)           Synonym of Aplocheilus armatus

Aplocheilus javanicus (Kuhl & Hasselt in Bleeker, 1852)         Valid as Oryzias javanicus

Aplocheilus jonklaasi (Cahalan, 1973)                              Synonym of Aplocheilus werneri

Aplocheilus kirchmayeri (Berkenkamp & Etzel, 1986)

Aplocheilus kuhlii  (Cuvier & Valenciennes, 1846)          Synonym of Aplocheilus armatus

Aplocheilus lineatus  (Cuvier & Valenciennes, 1846)

Aplocheilus lutescens  (Köhler, 1906)                             Synonym of Aplocheilus panchax

Aplocheilus madrensis,    (Schermer 1924)                   Synonym of Aplocheilus parvus

Aplocheilus marginatus  (Köhler, 1907)                         Synonym of Aplocheilus panchax

Aplocheilus mattei  (Köhler, 1906)                                  Synonym of Aplocheilus panchax

Aplocheilus melanotopterus (Bleeker, 1850)                Synonym of Aplocheilus armatus 

Aplocheilus melastigmus (McClelland, 1839)                Synonym of Oryzias dancena

Aplocheilus panchax (Hamilton, 1822)

Aplocheilus parvus (Raj, 1916)

Aplocheilus rubropictus  (Stansch, 1910)                Synonym of Aplocheilus lineatus

Aplocheilus rubropunctatus (Meinken, 1964)          Synonym of Aplocheilus armatus 

Aplocheilus rubrostigma (Jerdon, 1849)                 Synonym of Aplocheilus lineatus

Aplocheilus siamensis (Scheel 1968)                         Synonym of Aplocheilus armatus 

Aplocheilus werneri (Meinken, 1966)


Aplocheilus andamanicus (Köhler, 1906)

Diesjährige Neuheiten in Wort und Bild. II. Neuimportierte bzw. erstmalig nachgezüchtete Zahnkarpfen (Poeciliidae). A. Eigebärende Zahnkarpfen. Blätt. Aquar. -u. Terrarienk., 17 (39): 388.

Type locality: Andaman islands (tentatively, by the describer), off the Thailand coast. 

The identity of Aplocheilus andamanicus (Köhler, 1906) (Teleostei: Cyprinodontiformes), an endemic Killifish from the Andaman Islands, with notes on Odontopsis armata van Hasselt. 

Katwate, U., Kumkar, P., Britz, R., Raghavan, R. & Dahanukar, N. (2018)


In his work on the fishes of the Andaman Islands, Francis Day (1870) collected large-sized specimens of Aplocheilus from the south Andamans. Despite differences in the size and dorsal-fin ray counts, Day refrained from recognising the Andaman Aplocheilus as a distinct species and considered it as Aplocheilus panchax, a species distributed in the Ganges delta and across the eastern coast of mainland India. However, Day mentioned the differences in fin-ray counts between these two populations. Subsequently Köhler (1906) described the Andaman population as Haplochilus andamanicus (now in Aplocheilus), referring to the diagnostic characters initially discovered by Day. This species failed to receive recognition from taxonomists, because of the uncertainty regarding the validity of the species and its questionable synonymy with A. panchax. In this study, based on morphological and molecular evidence, we demonstrate that A. andamanicus is indeed a distinct and valid species, which can easily be diagnosed from the widespread A. panchax. While resolving the identity of A. andamanicus, we also demonstrate that the congeners from southeast Asia form a genetically distinct group for which the name Odontopsis armata is available.     INFO:


Aplocheilus armatus (Hasselt, 1823)

Uittreksel uit een Brief van den Heer J.C. van Hasselt, aan den Heer C.J. Temminck, geschreven uit Tjecande, Residentie Bantam. Algemeine Konst-en Letter-Bode, 35: 131.


 Type locality: Buitenzorg, Java, Indonesia.


Aplocheilus blockii  (Arnold, 1911)

Der Formen- und Farbenkreis der Haplochilus panchax Gruppe. Wochen. Aquar. Terr'kunde, 8 (46): 672, fig. 3.

Type locality: Cochin (Kerala state), southwestern India.







Aplocheilus blockii "Alappuzha"

Aplocheilus dayi  (Steindachner, 1892)

Über einige neue und seltene Fischarten aus der ichthyologischen Sammelung des K.K. Naturhistorischen Hofmuseums. Denk. Akad. Wiss. Wien, 59: 376, pl. 1 (figs. 2-2a) .


Type locality: Ceylon (without details, probably from the capital city


Aplocheilus kirchmayeri (Berkenkamp & Etzel, 1986)

Revision der asiatischen Gattung Aplocheilus. D.K.G. (Deutsche Killifisch Gem.) J., 18 (3): 35, figs.

Type locality: Goa, between Margao (Madgaon) and Colva-Strand, southwestern India.






Aplocheilus kirchmayeri "Baga-River INM-2012"


Aplocheilus lineatus  (Valenciennes in Cuvier & Valenciennes, 1846)

Histoire naturelle des Poissons.

Librairie de la Société Géologique de France, Bertrand P. Ed., Paris, 18: 381, pl. 546.

Type locality: Bombay, India.

Aplocheilus lineatus "GOLD"

Aplocheilus lineatus "rood"


Aplocheilus panchax  (Hamilton, 1822)

An Account of the Fishes found in the River Ganges and its Branches.

A. Constable & Co., Edinburgh, Hurst: 211, 380, pl. 3.

Type locality: Bengal (without details).







Aplocheilus panchax "Phru-Nai THM-2014"


Aplocheilus parvus (Raj, 1916)

Notes on the Freshwater Fish of Madras. Rec. Indian Mus., 12: 268, pl. 25 (figs. 2, 8), 26 (fig. 11).

Type locality: Madras, India.


Aplocheilus werneri (Meinken, 1966)

Über eine neue Aplocheilus-Art aus Ceylon (Pisces, Cyprinodontidae). Aquarien und Terrarien, 13: 76, fig.

Type locality: Sri Lanka (without details ; probably from the Kottawa forest, southern region).