Archiaphyosemion (Radda 1977)  1 Art


(Vorläufige Beschreibung von vier neuen Subgenera der Gattung Aphyosemion Myers. Aquaria (St Gallen), 24: 214.)


Type-species: by original designation as Aphyosemion guineense Daget, 1954.


Archiaphyosemion guineense (Daget, J. 1954)

(Les Poissons du Niger supérieur. Mém. I.F.A.N. Dakar, 36: 315, fig. 119)

Type locality: Dabola, southeastern Guinée 

Archiaphyosemion guineense "Lenghe Curoh SL 1993-37"



(Description of a new genus and two new species of killifish Cyprinodontiformes: Nothobranchiidae) from West Africa, with a discussion of the taxonomic status of Aphyosemion maeseni Poll, 1941." Zootaxa 2294: 1–22 (2009).

(Rainer Sonnenberg & Eckhard Busch 2009) 

The phylogeny of the West African genus Archiaphyosemion was studied with mitochondrial and nuclear DNA sequences. The results of the combined dataset presented here did not support a monophyletic group. After the exclusion of the type species of the genus, A. guineense, the remaining species form a well-supported monophyletic group. Based on these molecular results and supported by morphological data, we suggest a new name for this group, Nimbapanchax, new genus. Additionally, based on a recent collection in Guinea, two new Nimbapanchax species were described. The taxon Nimbapanchax leucopterygius, new species, is described for a nothobranchiid fish formerly misidentified as Archiaphyosemion maeseni (Poll, 1941). Nimbapanchax melanopterygius, new species, is described from the Mount Nimba region in southeastern Guinea. Both new Nimbapanchax species are clearly distinguished from their congeners by the coloration pattern of adult males. The results of the DNA data support the assumption based on color pattern and morphological characters that the new described species are sister taxa. The type of Aphyosemion maeseni Poll, 1941 was reexamined and transferred to the genus Epiplatys, a decision based on diagnostic morphological characters.