Maratecoara (Costa, 1995) 4 Arten

Two new genera and two new species of the neotropical annual fishes Plesiolebiathini (Cyprinodontiformes: Rivulidae), with studies on the relationships of the tribe. Revue française d'Aquariologie Herpétologie v. 21 (nos 3-4) (1994): 65-74.

Type-species: Cynolebias lacortei (Lazara, 1991)

Type locality: Aruana, Goiás state, (western) Brasil. 


Maratecoara formosa (Costa & Brasil in Costa, 1995)

Maratecoara gesmonei (Nielsen, Martins & Britzke, 2014)

Maratecoara lacortei (Lazara, 1991)

Maratecoara splendida  (Costa, 2007)

Costa, W.J.E.M. 2007. Taxonomy of the plesiolebiasine killifish genera Pituna, Plesiolebias and Maratecoara (Teleostei: Cyprinodontiformes: Rivulidae), with descriptions of nine new species 



The seasonal plesiolebiasine killifish genera Pituna Costa, Plesiolebias Costa, and Maratecoara Costa, endemic to central and northeastern Brazil, are revised. A key is provided for the identification of plesiolebiasine genera, and keys are also included for species of the three revised genera. Six species are recognized in Pituna: P. brevirostrata n. sp. from the rio Paranaíba drainage, rio Paraná basin; P. poranga Costa from the rio Araguaia basin; P. compacta Myers from the rio Tocantins basin; P. schindleri n. sp. from the rio Parnaíba basin; P. obliquoseriata n. sp. from the rio das Mortes drainage; and P. xinguensis Costa & Nielsen n. sp. from the rio Xingu basin. Four new species of Plesiolebias are described, complementing a recent revision of the genus (Costa, 1998c): P. fragilis n. sp., from the middle rio Araguaia basin; P. altamira Costa & Nielsen n. sp., from the rio Xingu basin; P. filamentosus Costa & Brasil n. sp., from the rio Tocantins floodplains; and P. canabravensis Costa & Nielsen n. sp., from the rio Canabrava floodplains, rio Tocantins basin. Three species are recognized in Maratecoara: M. lacortei (Lazara), from the Araguaia–das Mortes basin; M. formosa Costa & Brasil, from the middle rio Tocantins floodplains; and M. splendida n. sp. from the rio Canabrava floodplains, rio Tocantins basin. 


Maratecoara formosa, (Costa & Brasil in Costa, 1995) 

Two new Genera and two new Species of the neotropical annual Fishes Plesiolebiatini (Cyprinodontiformes: Rivulidae), with Studies on the Relationships of the Tribe.

Rev. fr. Aquariol. Herpetol., 21 (3-4), 1994: 69. figs. 5-7.

Type locality: Brejinho de Nazaré, Estado do Tocantins, Brasil.

Maratecoara formosa "Alvorada BR-2015-6"


Maratecoara gesmonei (Nielsen, Martins & Britzke, 2014) 

Nielsen D.T.B. , M. Martins & R. Britzke 2014. Description of a new species of annual fish, Maratecoara gesmonei (Cyprinodontiformes: Rivulidae) from the rio Xingu system, Amazon basin, Brazil. AQUA - International Journal of Ichthyology - Volume 20, Issue 2 - 15 April 2014, pp. 87-96

Maratecoara gesmonei n. sp., found on a temporary pool at a fluvial island in the middle rio Xingu, Pará State, Brazil, is described herein. This is the first occurrence of this genus in the Rio Xingu drainage, Amazon basin. The new species differs from all congeners by its unique color pattern which lacks horizontal rows of small dark orange spots on the antero-dorsal portion of the flanks (vs. 2-3 on M. lacortei, 3 on M. formosa and M. splendida), or orange oblique bars on anteroventral portion of trunk (vs. 4-5 orange oblique bars on anteroventral portion of trunk in M. formosa, 3-4 in M. splendida or a broad blotch in M. lacortei). In addition, the new species can be diagnosed from congeners by its lower body depth (23.7-25.9% SL vs. 30.4-40.0% SL), lower caudal peduncle depth (13.0-15.5% SL vs. 17.1-21.6% SL), and lower number of vertebrae, 25-26 (vs. 27-28 in M. lacortei, 26-27 in M. formosa, and 27 in M. splendida).


Maratecoara lacortei, (Lazara, 1991)

Lazara, K.J. 1991, Cynolebias lacortei, Cynolebias costai and Cynolebias aruana, three new species of cloud fish from Brazil (Teleostei, Cyprinodontiformes, Rivulidae). Journal of the American Killifish Association 23 (1990) (5): 141-144, figures 2 and 5.

Type locality: Aruana, Goiás state, (western) Brasil.

Maratecoara lacortei "Nova-Nazare HVP 2011-9"


Maratecoara splendida , (Costa, 2007) 

Costa, W.J.E.M. 2007. Taxonomy of the plesiolebiasine killifish genera Pituna, Plesiolebias and Maratecoara (teleostei: Cyprinodontiformes: Rivulidae), with descriptions of nine new species.

Brazil: Estado do Tocantins: temporary lagoon pool in left rio Canabrava floodplains, rio Santa Tereza drainage, rio Tocantins basin, road TO-373, between Alvorada and Peixe, 12º29’46.3”S, 49º0’50.7”W, altitude 292 m; W. J. E. M. Costa, C. P. Bove, J. Paz & A. Oliveira, 16 April 2006.

Maratecoara splendida