Pachypanchax (Myers, 1933)  (7 Arten)

Pachypanchax, a new Genus of Cyprinodont Fishes from the Seychelles Islands and Madagascar.

Amer. Mus. Novitates, 592: 1.

Type-species: by original designation as Haplochilus playfairii Günther, 1866.

Type locality: Seychelles (island, without details).


Pachypanchax arnoulti (Loiselle, 2006)

Pachypanchax nuchimaculata (Guichenot, 1866)     Synonym of Pachypanchax omalonotus

Pachypanchax omalonotus (Duméril  1861)

Pachypanchax patriciae (Loiselle, 2006)

Pachypanchax playfairii (Günther 1866)

Pachypanchax sakaramyi (Holly 1928)

Pachypanchax sparksorum (Loiselle, 2006)

Pachypanchax varatraza (Loiselle, 2006)

Pachypanchax arnoulti (Loiselle, 2006)

Pachypanchax omalonotus

First Description:  A. Duméril  1861.

(Reptiles et Poissons d'Afrique Occcidentale. Arch. Mus. Hist. Natur., 10 (1858-1861): 137-268, pls. 13-23.)


Verbreitung: Nord Madagaskar 






Pachypanchax omalonotus


Pachypanchax patriciae (Loiselle, 2006)


Pachypanchax playfairii

First Description: A. Günther 1866

(Catalog of Fishes in the British Museum. Catalogue of the Physostomi, containing the families Salmonidae, Percopsidae, Galaxidae, Mormyridae, Gymnarchidae, Esocidae, Umbridae, Scombresocidae, Cyprinodontidae, in the collection of the British Museum. British Museum, London, 6: i-xv +368 pp.)


Verbreitung: Seychellen und auf Sansibar



                                                                                                        Pachypanchax playfairii "Beau Vallon Mahé"

Pachypanchax sakaramyi


First Description:  M. Holly 1928.

(Zwei noch nicht beschriebene Fischformen aus Afrika.  Zool. Anz., 76: 312-314.)


Verbreitung: Nord Madagaskar 





                                                                                                                         Pachypanchax sakaramyi 

Pachypanchax arnoulti (P.V. Loiselle, 2006)

Pachypanchax patriciae (P.V. Loiselle, 2006)

Pachypanchax sparksorum (P.V. Loiselle, 2006)


Pachypanchax varatraza (P.V. Loiselle, 2006)


(A review of the Malagasy Pachypanchax (Teleostei: Cyprinodontiformes, Aplocheilidae), with descriptions of four new species. Zootaxa 1366:1-44.)




Pachypanchax varatraza 


A review of the Malagasy Pachypanchax (Teleostei: Cyprinodontiformes, Aplocheilidae), with descriptions of four new species PAUL V. LOISELLE (Zootaxa 1366: 1–44 (2006))


Abstract:  The history of the genus Pachypanchax Myers, 1933 in the literature is reviewed and the utility of the diagnostic characters proposed by various authors is evaluated. On the basis of five synapomorphies, four skeletal and one squamational, six of the seven presently known Malagasy aplocheilids are found to be unambiguously referable to the genus Pachypanchax. The seventh, Poecilia nuchimaculata Guichenot 1866, known only from the unique type specimen, displays several peculiar skeletal and squamational features. Pending the acquisition of additional material, it is tentatively assigned to the genus. Of the six species treated here, Pachypanchax omalonotus (Duméril, 1861) and P. sakaramyi (Holly, 1828) are redescribed from recently collected topotypical material; and the following four are described as new: P. varatraza., P. patriciae, P. sparksorum, and P. arnoulti. Data on life colors, distribution, natural history and conservation status on all six Malagasy Pachypanchax species are presented.