Aphyosemion Aphyosemion  (Elegans-gruppe)  20 Arten

Aphyosemion chauchei, Huber  & Scheel 1981.

(Revue systématique de la superspèce Aphyosemion elegans. Description de A.chauchei n.sp. et A.schioetzi n.sp. Revue Française d'Aquariologie 8 (2) 36 pages with figure & map.)

Bedeutung des Namens:  nach Maurice Chauche


Aphyosemion castaneum, Myers G.S. 1924

(A New Poeciliid fish from the Congo, with remarks on Funduline genera.

American Museum Novitates 116, 2-4, fig 1-2.)

Aphyosemion castaneum „HZ 1985/8“

28,5 km from Procure towards Banalia.
Fänger: Winfried Stenglein, Wolfgang Grell & Jan Pap, Zaire 1985.


Aphyosemion christyi, Boulenger 1915.

(Catalogue of the Freshwater Fishes of Africa in the British Museum (Natural History) Vol 3, London: 46.

Bedeutung des Namens:  nach Dr. Cuthbert Christy)

Type locality: Lindi river at Bafwasendé, Belgian Congo (today northeastern Zaïre). 


Aphyosemion cognatum,  Meinken, 1951.

(Aphyosemion cognatum eine neue Zahnkarpferart aus dem Congo Gebiet. Die Aquarien und Terrarien Zeitschrift. IV. 10: p255-257.)

Type locality: Léopoldville (today Kinshasa), Zaïre.

Aphyosemion cognatum "Ngalima"


Aphyosemion congicum, 1924 E. Ahl.

(Über neue afrikanische Zahnkarpfen der Gattung Panchax. Zoologischer Anzeiger. 60 (3-4), page 307.)

Type locality: Congo (without details).

Aphyosemion congicum " CIR-2009"  (Kongo 2009)


Aphyosemion decorsei, Pellegrin, 1904.

(Cyprinodontidés nouveaux du Congo et de l'Oubanghi. Bulletin de Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle 10 (5), p 223.)

Type locality: Bessou (25 km east Fort Possel, today Possel, subseq.), Ubangi (today Oubangui) river, Centrafique.

Aphyosemion (Aphyosemion) decorsei " Kapou RCA 91/1"

 Fänger: Wolfgang Harz (Zentralafrikanische Republik 1991)


Aphyosemion elegans, Boulenger 1899.

Matérieaux pour la faune du Congo, Tomé I, Poissons nouveaux.

Annales du Musée du Congo belge, 1: 112-114, plate 47, figure 2.

 Type locality: Bikoro (also Coquillatville, today Mbandaka), western central Zaïre.

Aphyosemion elegans


Aphyosemion ferranti, Boulenger G.A. 1910

(Poisson Cyprinodonte nouveau du Bas-Congo. Monatsberichte der Gesellschaft der Luxemburger Naturfreunde (Bulletins Mensuels de Société des Naturalistes luxembourgeois) 10: p285.)

Bedeutung des Namens: nach Viktor Ferrant

Type locality: near Kondué (Lake Congo, subseq.), Kasai, Congo (today southeastern Zaïre).


Aphyosemion  fellmanni , Zee & Sonnenberg, 2018

A new Aphyosemion species from the Djoué River (Congo River Basin), Republic of the Congo (Teleostei: Cyprinodontiformes: Nothobranchiidae), with remarks on the type locality of Aphyosemion congicum (Ahl, 1924).

Abstract: Aphyosemion fellmanni,

new species, is described from specimens collected at two locations in the Djoué River basin, northwest of Brazzaville (Republic of the Congo), based on its unique colour pattern of very wide black margins of dorsal, caudal, and anal fins in combination with inter-radial red stripes ("flames") in the caudal fin of male. Within the genus Aphyosemion sensu stricto it shares black fin margins with A. rectogoense (south-east Gabon) and A. congicum (central Democratic Republic of the Congo). Preliminary genetic data do not suggest a closer relationship with any of these two species. Due to the geographically close occurrence of Aphyosemion fellmanni, new species, to A. congicum with which it shares the wide black fin margins we studied literature to get more information on origin of the types of the latter. The type locality of the latter species was indicated as "Congo", collected by Büttner. Based on a publication on the German Congo Expedition (1884-1886) the type locality could be restricted to the area of the expedition route and most probably to the lower Kwango (Cuango) River.

Aphyosemion fellmanni "Ntoba  FCCO 2013/15"

Fänger: Emmanuel Fellman und Christian Cauvet, Congo, January 2013



Aphyosemion (Aphyosemion) fellmanni "FCO 2014/02"


Fänger: Emmanuel Fellman (Congo 2014)

Aphyosemion lambertorum, Radda & Huber 1977

(Cyprinodontiden Studien in Gabon III, Zentral und Südost Gabun.

Aquaria 24: 61-64, figures 4-5, map.)

Type locality: west of Booué, near the Ogooué river, road to Achouka, Gabon.

Aphyosemion (Aphyosemion) lambertorum "GHH 97/11"

Aphyosemion  lefiniense, Woeltjes T. 1984.

(Aphyosemion lefiniense spec. nov. (Pisces, Atheriniformes, Rivulinae) aus dem Lefini Subsystem des Kongo-Flusses in der Volksrepublik Kongo. DKG Journal 16 (1): 3-14, 6 figures, 2 maps.)

Bedeutung des Namens:  Lefini - Fluss

Type locality: near La Léfini, a village on the southern bank of Léfini river, western Congo.


Aphyosemion  lujae,oulenger G.A B. 1911.

(Liste des poissons representes dans une nouvelle collection de la riviere Sankuru (Kasai), recu de M.E.Luja. Monatsberichte der Gesellschaft der Luxemburger Naturfreunde (Bulletins Mensuels de Societe des Naturalistes luxembourgeois 5: p 223-224. Also: Annals & Magazine Natural History (8) viii. 1911, p 263.)

Bedeutung des Namens: nach  M.E. Luja

Type locality: Kondué (Sankan River, subseq.), Kasai river, southeastern Zaïre.


Aphyosemion musafirii, Jouke R. Van der Zee & Rainer Sonnenberg 2011

(Aphyosemion musafirii (Cyprinodontiformes: Nothobranchiidae), a new species from the Tshopo Province in the Democratic Republic of Congo, with some notes on the Aphyosemion of the Congo Basin. Bonn zoological Bulletin Volume 60 Issue 1 pp. 73–87 Bonn, May 2011.)

Bedeutung des Namens: nach  Dr.Jean Musafiri 

Aphyosemion plagitaenium, Huber 2004

(Description of a new Aphyosemion species from Congo, A.plagitaenium n.sp., exhibiting a probably intra generic color convergence with oblique more bars.(Freshwater & navy aquarium (FAMA) 27 (12): 70 - 74)

Type locality: Epoma (RPC91/1, also named Opouma), northeastern Congo

Aphyosemion (Aphyosemion) plagitaenium "Epoma"

Fänger: Paul De Wageneer, Leen Van Den Berg & Bas Vlijm  (1991, Republik Kongo)

Aphyosemion pseudoelegans

Rainer Sonnenberg & Jouke R. Van der Zee 2012 


(Aphyosemion pseudoelegans (Cyprinodontiformes: Nothobranchiidae) A new killifish species from the Cuvette centrale in the Congo Basin (Democratic Republic of Congo. Bonn zoological Bulletin 61 (1): 3–12) 


Aphyosemion pseudoelegans "Boende 2002"

Aphyosemion polli

Radda A.C & E. Pürzl 1987.

(Color Atlas of Cyprinodonts of the Rain Forest of Tropical Africa. Otto Hofmann Ed., Wien: 9, 124 fig.)

Bedeutung des Namens: nach  Prof. Dr. Max Poll

Type locality: 5 km north N'djili, international airport of Kinshasa, Zaïre.

Aphyosemion polli "AM-2016"

Aphyosemion  rectogoense, Radda A.C. & Huber J.H. 1977

Cyprinodontiden Studien in Gabon III. Zentral und Südostgabun.

Aquaria 24: p 64-66, figures 3,6. 

Type locality: tributary of Djouélé, Léconi drainage, 6 km west of Léconi, road Franceville-Bongoville, southeastern Gabon.

Aphyosemion rectogoense " PEG 95/16"

 Fänger: Guido Passaro & Wolfgang Eberl (Gabun 1995)


Aphyosemion  schoutedeni, Boulenger, 1920 

(Poissons recueillis au Congo Belge par l'Expédition du Dr. C. Christy. Ann. Mus. Congo Belge, Tervuren, Zool. Ser., 2 (4): 1-38.)

Type locality: Madié (between Nepoko river, 1.667°N, 27.017°E and Nava river, 1.900°N, 27.667°E, subseq.), Belgian Congo (today, Medje, northeastern Zaïre).

Aphyosemion schioetzi, Huber  & Scheel  1981.

Revue systematique de la superspéce Aphyosemion elegans. Description de A.chauchei et A.scioetzi n. sp. (Revue française d'Aquariologue 8 (2): p 36, 4 figures, map.)

Type locality: near Taba, Congo.

Aphyosemion schioetzi " Z 91/1" 

 Fänger: Didier Daviron (Kongo1991)


Aphyosemion  teugelsi, Jouke R. Van Der Zee& Rainer Sonnenberg 2010

(Aphyosemion teugelsi (Cyprinodontiformes: Nothobranchiidae), a new species from a remote locality in the southern Democratic Republic of the Congo Zootaxa 2724: 58–68 (2010)



Aphyosemion teugelsi is described from specimens collected in a small creek in the upper Wamba River basin in the southwest of the Democratic Republic of the Congo not far from the Angolan border. This is∼400 km outside the known distribution area of the genus. It is distinguished from all other members of the genus Aphyosemion by the combination of broad black margins on all fins in males, a robust lower jaw, a more convex back, a large head with large eyes, a more anterior position of the dorsal fin relative to anal fin, and absence of extensions on the upper and lower caudal fin.






Aphyosemion aff. lefiniense "Lefini CI-2014"





Aphyosemion spec Oyo "RPC 91/8"






Aphyosemion spec Lake-Mai Ndombe "CIR-2017"





Aphyosemion spec Mambili-River "CIR-2017"


Aphyosemion spec "Bayanga RCAMM 2017-1"

("Bayanga CARMM 2017-1")


Aphyosemion spec. "RCAMM 2017-5 Nola"