Rachovia  (G. S. Myers, 1927) 6 Arten


An analysis of the genera of neotropical killifishes allied to Rivulus. Annals and Magazine of Natural History (Series 9) v. 19 (no. 109): 115-129. [Date of publication from Evenhuis 2003:44 [ref. 27365].]


Type species: Rachovia brevis (Regan, 1912)
Type locality: Sincelejo, northern Colombia.





Rachovia brevis (Regan, 1912)

Rachovia fransvermeuleni (Berkenkamp, 2020)

Rachovia hummelincki (de Beaufort, 1940)

Rachovia maculipinnis (Radda, 1964)

Rachovia pyropunctata (Taphorn & Thomerson, 1978)

Rachovia splendens (Dahl, 1958)

Phylogeny and evolutionary radiation in seasonal rachovine killifishes:

biogeographical and taxonomical implications               (Costa 2014)



A phylogenetic analysis combining available mitochondrial DNA sequences (total of 3,339 bp) and 161 morphological characters for 22 species of rachovine genera (Aphyolebias, Austrofundulus, Gnatholebias, Llanolebias, Micromoema, Moema, Neofundulus, Pterolebias, Rachovia, Renova, Terranatos, and Trigonectes), and 16 outgroups, supports monophyly of the group containing genera endemic to the Orinoco river basin and adjacent coastal drainages. Results of the present analysis are compared to previous studies. The tree topology indicates that the genera Moema and Rachovia as presently delimited are paraphyletic; consequently, Aphyolebias and Austrofundulus are respectively placed in the synonymy of Moema and Rachovia. This study also indicates that rachovines were in the past geographically restricted to the Amazonas-Paraguay area where diversification in niche exploitation was constrained by competition with sympatric members of older seasonal fish lineages. Rachovines later reached the Orinoco basin and adjacent coastal drainages by dispersal through the Paleo-Amazonas river basin, when major evolutionary radiation taken place.



Rachovia brevis (Regan, 1912)

A Revision of the Poeciliid Fishes of the Genera Rivulus, Pterolebias, and Cynolebias. Ann. & Mag. Nat. Hist., 8 (10): 504.

Type locality: Colombia (without details ; restricted to Soplaviento, a village at "Dique de Cartagena", road Cartagena-Calamar, near rio Magdalena, subseq.).

Los Peces del Rio Sinu, informe preliminar. Monteria, Columbia. Secretaria de Agricultura y Ganaderia de Cordoba: 34.

Type locality: Sincelejo, northern Colombia.

Rachovia brevis "Sincelejo Col 2009/06"


Rachovia fransvermeuleni (Berkenkamp, 2020)

Wiss. Publ. V.D.A.-Bezirks, 25 (12) (July) : 1-21, figs.

Rachovia fransvermeuleni spec.nov., eine neue Saisonfisch-Art aus Süd-Venezuela

(Teleostei: Rivulidae) von Heinz Otto Berkenkamp/Wilhelmshaven


A new seasonal fish species, Rachovia fransvermeuleni spec.nov. from southwestern Venezuela is described. The distinctive characteristics to the known species are listed. Important is the color pattern of the males. Additional the zoogeography, the carriage, the care and breeding for the speciespreservation are included.

Kurzfassung: Es wird eine neue Saisonfischart aus Südwest-Venezuela, Rachovia fransvermeuleni spec.nov. beschrieben. Die Unterscheidungsmerkmale zu den bisher bekannten Arten werden aufgeführt. Wichtig sind die Färbungsmuster der Männchen. Zusätzlich wird die Zoogeographie, die Haltung, die Pflege und die Zucht zur Arterhaltung mitgeteilt.



Rachovia hummelincki de (Beaufort, 1940) 

Freshwater Fishes from the Leeward Group, Venezuela and Eastern Colombia. Stud. Fauna Curacao, Posa de San Antonio, east of Carirubana, Paraguana peninsula, Venezuela.

Type locality:  is situated in the South- West of the peninsula Paraguana, North Venezuela


Rachovia maculipinnis (Radda, 1964)

Die Gattung Pterolebias Garman, 1895. Aquar. Terr. Zeit. (D.A.T.Z.), 17 (2): 41, fig.

Type locality: El Sombrero (subseq. in Provenzano et al.), estado Guárico, Venezuela (or on road from Tinaco to el Baul, 9.271 N and 68.15 W, estado Cojedes for MBUCV material in redescription).

Rachovia maculipinnis "Route Guanaro-Guanarito VGV 2010/13" 


Rachovia pyropunctata (Taphorn & Thomerson, 1978)

A Revision of the South American Cyprinodont Fishes of the Genera Rachovia and Austrofundulus, with the Description of a new Genus. Acta Biol. Venezuela, 9 (4): 403, fig. 9c. 

Type locality: west of lake Maracaibo, Guamo road near Hacienda Berlin, between San Felipe and Jaguasito, Zulia (state), Venezuela.

Rachovia splendens (Dahl, 1958)

Two new annual cyprinodont fishes from northern Colombia. Stanford Ichthyological Bulletin v. 7 (no. 3): 42-46. [New taxa may have appeard first in Dahl 1958

Type locality: Sincelejo, northern Colombia.