Pronothobranchius (Radda, 1969)  4 Arten

Erstbeschreibung: Fundulosoma thierryi und ihre Verwandten (Cyprinodontiformes, Rivulinae).

Aquaria (St Gallen), 16: 162.

Type-species: by original designation (also monotypic) as Nothobranchius kiyawensis Ahl, 1928.

Pronothobranchius chirioi, Valdesalici 2013

Pronothobranchius gambiensis, Svensson 1933

Pronothobranchius kiyawensis Ahl, 1928

Pronothobranchius seymouri, Loiselle & Blair 1971


Pronothobranchius kiyawensis (Ahl 1928)

Erstbeschreibung: Description of two new Cyprinodont Fishes from Nigeria.

Ann. & Mag. Nat. Hist., 10 (2): 601.

Type locality: Kiyawa river, near Katagum (northern province), Nigeria.



Pronothobranchius gambiensis (Svensson 1933)

Erstbeschreibung: Freshwater Fishes from the Gambia River (British West Africa). Results of the Swedish Expedition 1931. Kungl. Svenska Vetenskapsakad. Hand., ser 3., 12 (3): 81, fig. 25.

Type locality: Mac Carthy island (today, Janjangburreh), within Gambia river (also Dobo on opposite mainland), Gambia.

Pronothobranchius seymouri (Loiselle & Blair 1971)

Erstbeschreibung: A new Species of Aphyosemion (Teleostomi: Cyprinodontidae: Rivulinae) from Ghana, and a Redefinition of subgenus Fundulopanchax Myers, 1924. J. Amer. Killifish Assoc., 8 (1): 1, fig. 1.

Type locality: south of the Accra-Ada road, midway between 54 and 55 miles markers (PK, ca. 88 km), Accra Plains, Ghana.

Pronothobranchius chirioi (Valdesalici 2013)

Erstbeschreibung: Pronothobranchius chirioi n.sp. a new annual killifish species from the Niger River drainage, with redescriptions of P.kiyawensis, P.gambiensis & P.seymouri (Cyprinodontiformes: Nothobranciidae).

Type locality: Small stream on the Mekrou River drainage, Loagnoluo River, extreme north of the Atakora mountains, Burkina Faso.