Yssolebias martae

Describer(s), Year: (Steindachner, 1875)



IDENTITY: martae Y.

Family-group Names: Cyprinodontidae Wagner, 1828 |  Cubanichthyinae Parenti, 1981 |  Yssolebiini Huber, 2015 | 

Genus: Yssolebias Huber, 2012

Abbreviated genus: Y.

Species: martae

Index name: martae: Yssolebias martae

Full name: Yssolebias martae


TYPOLOGY: martae Y.

Original name: Cyprinodon martae

Describer(s): Steindachner

Year of description: 1875

Original description: Steindachner, F. 1875. Ichthyologische Beiträge (IV). Sitz. Akad. Wiss. Wien mathem.-naturwiss. Klasse Abt.1, 72: 610.

Gender/Accordance: [Subst.]



Current status: valid sp.

Status evaluation (current): unconfirmed by several authors {recently disclosed either as a Rivulinae species, probably related to Austrofundulus, Terranatos or, more appropriately, as a Cubanichthyinae species, then convergent with vicariant Rivulinae}.

Systematic remarks (with taxonomic history): well defined (taxonomic history : consistently regarded as a distinct species since description in 1875, but a forgotten name, identical and senior to dearborni ; since that concept has been regulated and strongly restricted by ICZN, the species is restudied and surprisingly appears to be a distinct species, not to be assigned to Cyprinodon, by Huber in 2000, then moved to a new monotypic genus in 2012 related to Austrofundulus).